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Sandblasting is the process of taking abrasive material and forcibly propelling it against a surface under high pressure. If you have a surface that needs to be smoothed, shaped, or a surface that needs contaminants removed, sandblasting is the right service for you.

There are various types of mediablasting, some include: soda blasting, sandblasting, walnut shell, and glass bead blasting. If you are unsure what form of sandblasting service you need, call our sandblasting company for more information. We can answer any of your questions. Our services cover just about anything.

We sandblast, bead blast, soda blast and walnut shell blast to your needs—and also offer dent repair, fiberglass repair and light mechanical work!

If you are in need of a sandblasting service, call A D.A.M.M. Fine Powder Coating in Colorado Springs, CO today for more information. A friendly employee can answer any questions you may have before hiring us for our services.